(short for Professional Fertilizer Solutions)

A Dutch nutrient program that is specially designed for the European hydroponic sector. It is designed with ease of use, substance quality and purity in mind. During the design process, our engineers have formulated fertilizers that will enhance both the quality and the weight of the end product. It is of paramount importance that the use of Profs nutrients will boost yields. That is why users are advised to follow the accompanied user manual (dosage schedule) closely.


Basic nutrients, nutrients enhancement and supplements

The mineral nutrients that are distributed under the Profs main brand form a complete diet with minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins for the plant. The main nutrient line consists of the nine fertilizers that are presented on this website. They can be grouped into three categories: basic nutrients, nutrient enhancement and supplements.

The basics (Terra A & Terra B, Hydro A & Hydro B) are used to get the main part of the diet to the plants. They can be seen as the bulk feed of the plants.

The nutrient enhancers (Rhizo Root Stimulator, Bloom Accelerator and Final Boost) are products that will push the balance of the diet to a specific side of the spectrum. They are generally used to boost processes in specific phases in the life cycle.

The supplement products (Si Stabilizer ,Prozyme, pH- and pH+) are used to enhance certain aspects of the biological and chemical processes that are active in the plant and the ecosystem.

Profs All in One

For mother plants

The food-grade nutrients in this product can be used to feed mother plants, seedlings, clones, plants in growth and in flowering. All in One is versatile and flexible in the way it is used. You will just need these two bottles for all your applications.