Profs Bloom Accelerator

About Bloom Accelerator

Bloom Accelerator is essential in getting the most out of the blooming phase. Bloom Accelerator is packed with flower stimulators, resulting in an extensive flower bed with many buds. During the weeks leading to the end of the life cycle of the plant. Bloom Accelerator will increase the amount of buds the plant creates. Together with Final Boost, this product will make sure that you get many buds of good weight with a perfect end result.

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Producing fruit with full body and flavour

Bloom Accelerator is an additive that enhances both yield and quality, giving you bigger, firmer, more flavoursome fruit. Bloom Accelerator feed is quite unlike most of the boosters on the market: it improves how the plant processes nutrients (its metabolism). This is an important aspect since how well a plant takes up nutrients is very dependent on what the overall state of its health and of its metabolism are.

Advantages of using Profs Bloom Accelerator

Better crop

Bloom Accelerator encourages the development of new blooms, which may give you heavier fruit than otherwise. Because the fruit also ripens more at a more even pace, using this product results in a more uniform crop. Bloom Accelerator has the quite particular characteristic of not only increasing the quantity of the crop but also enhancing your fruit's flavour.

The flowering stimulators in Bloom Accelerator help the plant to stagger the available energy over time. This is done not only by the flowering substances that are present naturally but also by the bloom stimulators in the additive, thus ripening the fruit gradually over time. Because it can develop at a regular tempo, quality is consistent across the crop.

Fuller, robust flavour

Bloom Accelerator makes the plant's more efficient at photosynthesising, thus increasing the production of sugar in the fruit. This makes for a sweeter taste and higher concentrations of the fruit's natural aromas. The intensity of the aroma from the oils in the fruit is clearly noticeable.

Get even higher yields by combining with Profs Final Boost

Bloom Accelerator improves the plant's photosynthesis (one of the processes that determine its metabolism). The fruit thus forms more quickly. Even better results can be achieved with the help of Profs trusted nutrition in combination with Final Boost. Final Boost provides the plant with extra flowering elements, whereas Bloom Accelerator ensures the energy required in order for it to make use of those elements.

Improved ripening with a more resilient immune system

Bloom Accelerator contains stimulators to encourage flowering, which ensures robust ripening. Bloom Accelerator also helps ensure even development of the fruit and in bringing flowering to a conclusion. Because the plant's energy is regulated better, it has sufficient reserves to fight off disease. If energy is lacking where it's needed, disease will frequently wreak havoc just when it's too late to save the crop.

Suitable for any medium

Bloom Accelerator can be used with any medium and is suitable for use in combination with soil, in recirculation systems, when growing on coconut and in hydroculture. Bloom Accelerator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Bloom Accelerator can also be used as a leaf spray (foliar feed). This has the advantage that the bloom stimulators are directly taken up through the plant's leaves.

Available in various sizes:

  • 0,5 Liter
  • 1 Liter
  • 5 Liter