Profs Si Stabilizer

About Si Stabilizer

Si Stabilizer is composed of ortho silicic acid in monomeric form. This form of silicon is unique in the fact that it is 100% bio-available. Silicon is most often a part of silicon dioxide, which is hard for plants to absorb. In ecosystems that lack microbial activity, the silicon dioxide is not mineralized, and thus the plants will need a different source of silicon. The ortho silicic acid in Si Stabilizer does not need any mineralization, and is absorbable by the plants’ tissue immediately and entirely.

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The effects of using Silicium

Silicium regulates the plant's ability to take up nutrients, ensuring that each nutrient is taken up in the right proportion. It also makes sure elements like phosphorus (P) and certain other substances get used efficiently: silicium is a balancer.

Reducing plant stress

With your plants more balanced, they'll also be more stress-resistant. They will be better able to withstand heat, drought and modest stress.

Direct uptake by the plant; for application at all times

Si Stabilizer can be taken up readily by the plant. Si Stabilizer can be used with any kind of medium. It is suitable for cultivation in potting soil, coconut and hydroculture. You can use it throughout the growth cycle.

Available in various sizes:

  • 0,5 Liter
  • 1 Liter